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USR-N668 - Восьми портовый преобразователь RS232/485/422 в Ethernet с поддержкой ModBus TCP/RTU, VPN и DDNS, который может осуществлять двустороннюю прозрачную передачу данных между портами Ethernet и RS232 / RS485 / RS422. Разнообразие последовательных портов удобно для клиентов в использовании. Блок питания AC220V. Использование ARM Professor делает его энергосберегающим, быстрым и более стабильным.


General Details


ARM9 Solution

64MB built-in RAM, 16MB Flash, high speed


Rack type serial port ethernet converter


Serial port switching among RS232/RS485/RS422

New and industrial design which saves the port space of device, prevent from ash and collision and promote the safety while operating.
Works at RS232 port by default. Please adjust the dial code to corresponding position when you use RS485/422 serial port.
Every serial port can choose mode freely, don’t worry about unified mode for all serial ports.




8 serial ports


Hardware protection

EFT:Electrical fast pulse train

Ensure that the equipment hardware is not damaged
when the instantaneous large current (such as lightning
strike, power switch, etc.) occurs in the circuit

net port-2KV


Electrostatic protection ESD

Prevent electrostatic damage to equipment
( ex body static electricity, dust static electricity,
(such as lightning strike, power switch, etc.)
electric power application environmental arc)

Air: ±15KV
Contact: ±8KV



Hardware watchdog design,
never crash in 24 hours


Work mode

TCP Server

Serial server device USR-N668 listens on the setting port and waits for a TCP client connection.
The data which the serial ports sent out transparently transmit to all connected client via serial device USR-N668.


TCP client mode

The serial converter N668 initiates a TCP lint to the set IP address. If the connection fails, N668 will keep
trying to reconnect until it succeeds. Once the link is successful, the data will be transparently transmitted
between PC and serial device in bi-directional.


UDP mode

Serial server device USR-N668 sent the data to designated IP /Port. If the connection fails,
USR-N668 will keep trying to reconnect until it succeeds. Meanwhile, USR-N668 listens the port and forwards
all data received to serial device.


HTTPD Client

Support serial data transmitted to designed server in HTTPD way


Special function

The clock to proofread

RTC(real-time clock, no network required)+NTP(net time)
It can still provide accurate time positioning for the system
whether in the networking environment or not


More Function

VPN+Diagnosis of network + Timing task +DDNS+Modbus TCP to RTU


Remote monitoring and remote firmware upgrade

Remote monitoring can check the running status of field equipment



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